Monday, May 14, 2012

No common sense and no education equals Occupier

The Occupier Movement across the US is a disappointing glimpse into the lack of education of America's youth.  If you support communism, socialism, or Marxism in any way, you demonstrate a lack of intelligence or critical thinking capability.  Fortunately, the Occupier Movement appears to be relatively small, so maybe the damage to America's college students is minor as well.

Problem solving, critical thinking, and basic civics seems to have been removed from high school and college level education.  Watch the video and notice that the youth in question only offers poorly thought out political catch phrases in answer to hard facts and common sense from an ex-Russian citizen.  The Russian understands civics and history way better than a US college student.  Sad.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Make America Fail

Just watch the video.  I'm glad that some Americans are paying attention.  Americans have been lied to about freedom, the constitution, the environment, and the economy for over 50 years now.  But I think Obama's hatefulness and racism have succeeded in waking up more and more people to the lies that the president, congress, and the media have unleashed in their efforts to take away our country and our freedom. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Ways Obama could Reduce Gasoline Prices Now

Posted from Maley's Energy Blog

1.  Commit to a strategic goal of North American energy security. That includes reasonable and responsible domestic drilling. That includes taking the lead on the Keystone XL Pipeline; we could find a way to make it happen while addressing the legitimate environmental concerns of Nebraskans. It includes a commitment to maintaining the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and opening ANWR.
2.  Ditch the anti-industry, anti-capitalist rhetoric. It is not the President’s or the government’s place to decide when an industry’s profitability is “high enough”. High oil company profits fund more drilling; more drilling means more future supply and lower prices. Besides, American oil companies are not owned by a cabal of wealthy executives, but by America’s pension funds, mutual funds and private investment accounts. “They” are “us”.
3.  Stop targeting the oil industry for punitive tax treatment. States such as Texas and Louisiana have production tax abatement programs that have successfully encouraged new drilling. If you don’t believe that the threat of increased taxes discourages drilling, just ask Governor Perry or Governor Jindal.
4.  Realize that Uncle Sam is in the energy business and is a partner in industry’s success. Oil and gas royalties are the federal government’s #2 source of revenue, after the income tax. Offshore slowdowns hurt not only industry and jobs, but government revenue.
5.  Recognize that industry does not need to be led by government; industry needs to be unleashed and encouraged to innovate. The resurgence of the domestic energy sector was rooted in the private sector, not matter how much President Obama and Dr. Chu would like to take credit for it. The growth in North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas happened in spite of the federal government, not because of it.
6.  Trust that no oil operator wants to be the “next BP”. The BP spill cost that company something on the order of $40 billion. Industry safety and environmental commitment is motivated more out of self-interest and less out of fear of the government. When it comes to federal regulation, the nation would be better served by Sheriff Taylor, not Barney Fife.
7.  Return offshore permitting to the pre-Macondo pace.  Your overreaction to the BP Spill has cost on the order of 500,000 barrels per day of domestic oil production from the Gulf of Mexico. The ridiculous “Worst Case Discharge” calculation as a routine part of offshore permitting is engineering malpractice, in my humble opinion. The professional staff of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement is capable of reasoned regulation, but they currently operate in fear of their political masters.
8.  Declare hydraulic fracturing & well design to be the regulatory domain of the states, not the EPA. Geology and environment vary widely; Pennsylvania is not Louisiana is not North Dakota is not California. It is insanity to think that one broadly-applied set of rules can be applied to regulate industry without suffocating development.
9.  Rescind the recently-enacted royalty rate increase for new onshore Federal oil and gas leases. Secretary Salazar’s stated rationale for increasing the government’s take by a whopping 50% – from 12.5% to 18.75% of gross production – was to equate onshore royalties with the offshore royalty rate. That makes no sense. Higher royalties mean less drilling, poorer economics of production and premature abandonment of wells. Besides, an IHS-CERA Study recently showed that the federal government’s total take of offshore cash flows makes the Gulf of Mexico the second-most punitive fiscal regime in the world, after Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. [Update: In keeping with the First Rule of Holes, rolling back the royalty rate increase may be the first thing the government should do if it is serious about reducing energy prices. - Ed.]
10. Encourage development of a nationwide distribution system of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Natural gas is clean, abundant and nearly 100% domestic. Its potential as a transportation fuel has scarcely been tapped. Bonus #11: Get real about the promise of alternative fuels. Recently you said“You’ve got a bunch of algae out there; If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing alright.” Maybe so, but I will stick my neck out and say it ain’t gonna happen, at least not in my lifetime, not on a scale that will impact pump prices.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Number 1 Cause of Death in the US

Abortion is the murder of a child, and there is nothing funny about it.  1.3 million children are murdered annually by Americans who didn’t want their lifestyles inconvenienced by a baby.  Saying that a woman has a right to choose whether the child lives or is murdered is lunacy.  If a mother decided to slice up her 4 year old, the public would demand swift justice.  But if a doctor slices up a 4 week old, it’s considered a woman’s choice and a women’s health issue. 

Many of the would be moms are now among the “walking wounded”; suffering from the regret of their decision.  Suicide rates are 10 times higher for young women who have had abortions.  America’s greatness has been stained by the blood of children sliced up in abortions.  The loss of morality in our nation will make it difficult to end the slaughter of children, but it’s past time for us to speak out against the holocaust occurring in our own nation.  Defend our helpless children; end the practice of abortion.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The GOP Leadership

This sums up the last year or two pretty well for me.  I am still waiting for an actual leader with actual principles and actual intelligence to step up to the plate in Washington DC.  In the meantime, we'll continue to suffer at the likes of Obama and Boehner who appear to have neither intelligence nor principles.